Services For men

We tend to have categorized services for men and women to provide quality work. Satisfied clients are our number one priority, and for that, we have experts in our team to deal with their respective procedures. These staff members have gone through adequate training, and know how to deal with utmost professionalism.


Men Hair-Cutting

Our hairdressers hold expertise in cutting the hair the way you want. We please our customers with our vast range of different haircuts, from bob cuts for women to pompadour for men, we have it all! We ensure that we offer proper hygiene, and for that, we frequently sanitize our scissors and other equipment.


Color Retouch

In contrast to full color, it is applied to your roots only, protecting your hair from any potential hair damage while giving you the pleasure of having beautiful colored hair. A very short procedure that takes less than two hours, so you can have it on your way to a gathering.


Full Color

We offer a vast variety of colors for your new hair look. No harmful ingredients or chemicals, we guarantee! We care about your health; hence, we use only the products that we trust. Those products are known for keeping your hair roots healthy and have no hair damaging traits. We offer hair color with or without bleach, so it’s all up to you!


Up Highlights

Color is applied to your whole head helping to cover your gray hair. Gives a pronounced contrast between lighter highlights and darker natural hair resulting in a more structured pattern of lightened hair.


Nutrient mask and Via

Organic formulas to enhance your skin, and bring out the beauty within you. Specially manufactured with herbs and formula to care for your skin and avoid damaging skin cells. This procedure brings a glow to your skin, and you’ll definitely be the life of the party!



The technique of free-form painting on clean, styled hair. The results are subtle; as a result, they tend to be more natural-looking than foiling or chunking. The color blends in with your natural hair color to enhance your natural look.


Exclusive Features



A healing treatment is done with the help of complete organic essential oils, which helps to enhance the state of body and mind. A ritual to stabilize your both: emotional and physical health. It works through the sense of smell and skin absorption; all being done under the supervision of our experts.

Stylists Generally

No matter what kind of style you are looking for; you name it, we have it!


Providing with all-body shaves, along with elegant beard styles. Along with shaving, we offer to wax body hair as well. Due to our strict hygiene policies, we ensure to use a new blade for every new customer and sanitize them before use.

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